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Schools and Events
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Combustion Analyzers School
This school will cover the basics of combustion, as well as how to get the most out of your analyzer. Topics covered in this course are flue gas analysis and testing procedures, verifying proper fuel and air input, properly interpreting combustion test results, CO safety and source investigations, troubleshooting CO and combustion problems, techniques for identifying heat exchanger problems, using combustion analysis to improve your business and new technology in HVAC.
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Flame Safeguard School
Participants of this school will learn the ins-and-outs of everything related to flame safeguard. Topics range from commercial flame detection and primary programmer flame safeguard control wiring to troubleshooting.
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Condensing and Non-Condensing Boilers School
Students will learn the differences and similarities between the installation of Condensing and Non-condensing boilers. The class will include the proper installation of Full Flow/Primary-Secondary Systems, proper components, as well as the water quality in these systems.
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Pump Service School
In this Pump Service School students will learn about Centrifugal Pumps: what they do, and the differentiations between types; Pump Seals and Pump Curves; and Servicing Inline and Base Mounted Pumps.
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Basic Steam School
Participants will learn the basics of commercial and industrial steam. Topics include: Steam tables, Steam trap theory and operation, condensate return pumps, boiler feed/make-up water systems and much more. We will discuss best piping practices, common installation rules and troubleshooting tips.
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VFD and ECM Motors School
Students will be given an overview of VFD pump drives and ECM motors in pumps for new installations. The course will include: variable speed pumping, traditional VFD's, pumps with ECM motors and sensored versus sensorless control of pumps.
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VFD Troubleshooting School
The Troubleshooting Variable Frequency Drives School is a hands-on, application-focused class covering the programing and troubleshooting of th ABB Model ACH550 VFD.
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Power Flame Burner School
This school offers students an all-inclusive burner demonstration, complete with a hands-on look at Power Flame Burners. Topics will include C burner gas/#2 oil start-up, adjustment and troubleshooting for Power Flame Products.
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Liebert School
The Liebert School will provide students with an overview of maintenance, as well as troubleshooting and setup of various Liebert models.
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Chiller School
This school specifically covers Scroll and Screw Compressors. Topics include: Screw and scroll chillers installation, operation, maintenance and troubleshooting. The school will also include a hands-on session with the Carrier Aqua Snap chiller. Attendees need to bring work boots, safety glasses and a long sleeve work shirt.
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