Honors and Awards

Jeffrey W. Berg Member Service Award
CBHCC’s Jeffrey W. Berg Member Service Award is presented to any member (regardless of membership category) who has exemplified long and meritorious service to the Council. The award is named after long-time board member Jeffrey W. Berg. Active with the CBHCC Board of Directors from 1970 until 2002, Mr. Berg was a principal at Borg Mechanical Contractors before retiring in 2002. He was instrumental in the development of the Council’s education program over the years, exemplifying the dedication to industry improvement to which CBHCC aspires.
John O’Brien, GHC Mechanical (2006)
Scott Gorgius, Able Distributors (2005)

Educator of the Year Award
CBHCC’s Educator of the Year Award is given annually to the instructor whose program is judged to meet criteria of excellence during the previous school year. Criteria include, but are not limited to, both the objective and subjective results of program surveys. The Educator of the Year Award may also be given to an individual or member company judged to have contributed most to the Council’s education program in other ways. Examples of this work would be devising new educational program(s) for the Council, volunteering time for Council education events, or any other contribution to the Council deemed worthy by the Nominating Committee.
Tony Ranegar, Pipe Fitters’ Local Union 597 (2016-’17)
Don Zehner, Bornquist, Inc. (2016-’17)
Rick Butler, Lochinvar (2015-’16)
Rick Butler, Lochinvar (2014-’15)
Zachary Zych, Dreisilker Electric Motors, Inc. (2013-’14)
Jon Roberts, Pipe Fitters’ Local Union 597 (2012-’13)
Neil Vogel, Affiliated Steam (2011-’12)
Rick Hultgren, Bornquist, Inc. (2010-’11)
Phil Uhl, SG Supply Co. (2009-’10)
Bill Wren, Pipe Fitters’ Local Union 597 (2008-’09)
Dave Dauberman, Emerson Climate Technologies (2007-’08)
Dave Gottfred, G&O Thermal (2006-’07)
Don Howley, Affiliated Steam (2005-’06)

Contractor of the Year Award
The Council’s Contractor of the Year Award is presented to the Council member who demonstrates a high degree of involvement in Council programs. This involvement may be represented by the number of employees a contractor sends to CBHCC Schools during a given year, but it may also be indicative of the level of involvement (number of Schools attended vs. total number of registrations) to prevent contractor size from playing an overly important role.
Climatemp Service Group (2006-’17)
AMS Mechanical Systems, Inc. (2015-’16)
Murphy & Miller (2014-’15)
Althoff Industries (2013-’14)
Westside Mechanical (2012-’13)
GHC Mechanical (2011-’12)
Westside Mechanical (2010-’11)
American Combustion Service (2009-’10)
Advance Mechanical Systems (2008-’09)
Thermodyne Mechanical Systems, Inc. (2007-’08)
Hill Mechanical Group (2006-’07)
Climatemp Service Group (2005-’06)

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